Our attractions

Luke and Lucy

Welcome in the laboratory of Professor Barnabas. Travel to the future or the past and help Luke and Lucy through all kinds of activities.

Hopefully you will get back in our time soon!


Always wanted to know what Cesar’s favorite pub looked like? Or the laundry place of Eufrazie?
Then join Urbanus in the Crazy Tour of Tollembeek!

The Smurfs

The Smurfs want to organize a big party but they cannot do it alone! They need your help! Hop in quickly…

Lucky Luke

Attention cowboys and cowgirls! Lucky Luke needs your help. The train to Comics City is under attack by the Daltons and their bandit gang…


Get into the flying sphere and travel around the world faster than ever before. Pay attention and you might see Jommeke pass by as well!

Also, don’t forget to bump the other spheres out of the way!

De Kiekeboes

Come and visit De Kiekeboe family, but look out! Marcel is doing chores in the attic, although he is quite a clumsy person….

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Free entrance for children aged 3 and under!

Interactive attractions

Join your favourite comic heroes in cool themed attractions! Ideal for families with children aged 3 to 12 years.